Night Optics IR-940 Extra-Long Range 940nm IR Illuminator

Night Optics IR-940 Extra-Long Range IR Illuminator NO-NA-IRI-940 represents the best type of infrared illuminator for tactical operators and law enforcement professionals who demand complete stealth in their nighttime operations. Many IR illuminators utilize a wavelength lower than 900nm; while this provides adequate illumination for your night vision, it emits a small gleam from the point of activation which is visible to those without night vision. The IR-940, on the other hand, features a 940nm wavelength, making this Night Optics night vision accessory all but invisible to the naked eye. The Night-Optics IR940 Invisible Infrared Illuminator can project an infrared beam an extra-long distance, making it ideal for use in conjunction with a night vision scope or a pair of night vision binoculars. These night vision accessories can be used independently or mounted to a weapon or other night vision gear. Simple on/off operation will have you using the IR 940 in no time, and the rubberized housing will keep it functioning even in hazardous environments. Night Optics has crafted the illuminator to be efficient, too; it can run for up to 70 hours on nothing more than one 3v CR123 battery. For tactical illumination that will light up your targets without giving away your position, choose the NightOptics IR-940 Fixed 940nm IR Illuminator.

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Specifications for Night Optics 940nm Infrared Illuminator:

Class: IIIB
Wavelength: 940nm
Power: 350 mW
Batteries: 3v CR123
Battery Life: 70 hours
Mount: 1/4"-20 screw
Dimensions: 6.39" x 1.53" x 1.57"
Weight: 5.7 oz

Features of NightOptics IR-940 Extra Long Range Fixed IR Illuminator:

  • Night vision illumination system by Night Optics
  • Can be operated independently or mounted to a night vision device
  • 940 nm wavelength nearly invisible to the naked eye
  • Designed for extra-long range illumination
  • Simple on/off controls
  • Eye safe
  • Durable rubberized housing
  • Can run for up to 70 hours on one three-volt CR123 battery
  • Backed by Night Optics 1 year warranty

1-Night Optics IR-940 Extra-Long Range 940nm IR Illuminator

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