Armasight Select Accessory Kit for NYX-14 Night Vision Monocular

Armasight Select Accessory Kit for NYX-14 Night Vision Monocular ANKI000007 is a starter accessory kit with all the basic components necessary to use your monocular in a wide range of situations. These Armasight night vision accessory kits are built to improve the uses for the NYX-14 night vision monocular. The night vision accessory kit includes a 3x afocal lens for improved night vision magnification, a goggle kit for hands-free night vision, and an IR850 infrared illuminator to enhance brightness in areas without any natural light for your night vision monocular to amplify. Armasight also gives you the tools necessary to mount the monocular to a firearm with the Arma Sight NYX-14 Select Night Vision Monocular Accessory Kit. A quick release Picatinny mount allows you to quickly attach and release the monocular from Picatinny rails, and a Weaver-style rail adapter lets you convert the Picatinny mount to fit Weaver-style rails. Use your night vision monocular for almost any application with the Arma-Sight NYX14 Select Night Vision Accessory Set.

NOTE: The Armasight Select NYX-14 Accessory Kit DOES NOT include the NYX-14 night vision monocular.

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Specifications for Armasight Select NYX-14 Night Vision Accessory Kit w/ 3x Magnifier & IR850 IR Illuminator:

Compatibility: NYX-14 night vision monoculars
Included Accessories: Goggle kit, 3x afocal magnifier lens, quick release Picatinny weapon mount, IR850 infrared illuminator, Weaver-style rail adapter

Features of Arma-Sight NYX14 Select Monocular Accessory Pack:

  • Accessory kit for night vision monoculars by Armasight
  • Designed for they NYX-14 night vision monocular
  • Goggle kit for hands-free helmet or head mounting
  • 3x afocal magnifier lens improves observation capability and range
  • Quick release Picatinny weapon mount for fast firearm use
  • IR850 infrared illuminator for enhanced brightness when there's not enough ambient light
  • Weaver rail adapter adapts Picatinny weapon mount to fit Weaver-style rails

1-Armasight Select Accessory Kit for NYX-14 Night Vision Monocular

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Rene - Add Reply

I purchased this kit along with a NYX-14 and can report I am very satisfied with Armasight products overall. I will probably not use the rail mount, but I could see its benefit in certain scenarios (adding an ability to adjust the hight of the weapon mount would be nice). The components in this kit are very well constructed, very strong, and precise machining. The only part I believe could be improved upon is the head mount chin strap, which has a very small piece of velcro and buckle that is a little difficult to attach/detach, and I could see it having a limited lifetime before I need to jump on the sewing machine and upgrade, but that is being a little picky on my part... I am very familiar with design and industrial sewing and would have done it differently, but it would be a very easy upgrade and wouldn't detract much from my opinion of this equipment. I actually spoke with who I believe is the owner of Armasight on Christmas eve. I was trying to finalize this order, called and left a voice mail (not thinking I would receive a returned call until after the holidays) and received a call back within 2 hours providing advice on my purchase. That was very impressive to me. Overall, I would say I highly recommend this package and Armasight highly. Pros: Durable and well made Cons: Chin Strap and velcro on head mount could be better

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