GG&G Twist Lock Base Mounting Ring for Aimpoint PVS-14 Nightvision Device

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GG&G Aimpoint Twist Lock Night Vision Mount utilizes a unique ring adapter that lets you quickly mount an ITT PVS-14 Night Vision monocular to the GG&G Aimpoint Twist Lock Base. The Twist Lock Base was originally designed to provide a quick release base for the Aimpoint 3X power magnifier - now this reliable and combat-proven system can attach your IIT NV scope as well. The GG&G PVS-14 Mounting Ring engages the Aimpoint Base in the same manner as the Aimpoint 3X power magnifier, and provides a solid mounting platform for the night vision monocular. With the GG&G Twist Lock Night Vision Scope Mount, the end user can now go from no magnification, 3X power magnification, or night vision without having to remove the GG&G Tactical base. The GG&G PVS-14 QD Mounting Ring provides the correct height to co-align with the Aimpoint Comp Series of optics when mounted in both GG&G Aimpoint Cantilever Rings as well as when mounted in the Aimpoint QRP Ring with spacer. It will also co-align with most night vision compatible EOTech optics when mounted directly to the upper receiver. The GG&G PVS-14 QD Mount Adapter Ring is a professional-quality night vision mount manufactured from one solid piece of 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III hard coat anodized matte black per mil-spec.

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Specifications for GG&G 1340 Twist-Lock Mount for IIT PVS14 NV Monocular:

Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Finish: Type III Hard-coat Anodized Matte Black

Features of GG&G Twist Lock Mount for PVS-14:

  • Quick-detach mount for PVS-14 on Aimpoint Twist Lock base
  • Adapts existing Aimpoint base for PVS-14
  • Solid mounting platform

1-GG&G Twist Lock Base Mounting Ring for Aimpoint PVS-14 Nightvision Device

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Terry - Add Reply

The entire point of a twist off PVS-14 mount is to take the PVS-14 from a head mount to a weapon mount quickly. This product allows you to do just that. The down side is removing the swing arm from your PVS-14 is not a realistic option every time you go from head mount to weapon mount. With this in mind, significant clearance is needed to clear the swing arm as you twist on the PVS-14. To mount this properly I needed to move my EOTech 553.A65 forward past the Delta ring. This is very far forward, but still functions flawlessly. Pros: Does what it says it does. Cons: If you leave the swing arm on your PVS-14 you will need to have a big gap between the mount and your optic to have the proper clearance.

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Roberto - Add Reply

I already had a 3X multiplier in an Aimpoint TM on my AR-15 mounted behind an Eotech EXPS3-2. That combination required a 1/2" riser under the TM for full alignment. I found that my new PVS-14 with the GG&G ring aligned with the Eotech without the riser. After some thought, the solution to align both optics was to add an Aimpoint spacer to the multiplier ring, raising the multiplier. With this combination, no riser is required. Both the Eotech and optics are on the original upper receiver rail. The same situation applies to use with an Aimpoint PRO. Otherwise, the mount works great.

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