Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight

Price Save 17% from $239.99 to $199.97

Increase your viewing range in the dark, dark night with the Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight. This IR flashlight by the experts at Pulsar features a variable beam that can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. The Pulsar X850 Weapon Mountable IR Flashlight attaches to any night vision devices with a Weaver rail or 1/4 inch socket. The Pulsar X850 IR LED Flashlight provides effective observation in the dark without any interference.

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Specifications for Pulsar X850 Weapon Mountable IR Flashlight:

Equivalent IR power: 50 to 350 mW
Diode type: LED
IR Wavelength: 850 nm
Range of beam divergence: 3 to 9.5°
Power supply: 3V (2хАА)

Features of Pulsar X850 IR LED Flashlight:

  • Covered by the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty

1-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
2-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
3-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
4-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
5-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
6-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
7-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
8-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight
9-Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight

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Bill - Add Reply

Bought this to enhance/compliment the night vision scope's IR range. Short of a custom made ir light this offered the most for the money. Can see blades of grass @50 yards, very satisfied with the performance. Also use for a set of nv goggles with similar results.

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Leif - Add Reply

I added this to a Sightmark Photon XT 4.6. On a pitch black night it adds about 75 yards to what I can see with the scopes IR. The thing I liked the best about it, is the scope uses battery life a little fast if it is turned up to max. I can just turn the scope on, not IR and use the Pulsar. The battery life on it is great and this make the battery life a lot longer on the scope. If I see something way out I can turn the scope IR on and it helps, then turn it back off and go back to just using the Pulsar. The two combined are a great team and the price makes it possible for a old man raising Grandkids able to afford night hunting.

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