Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System

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Armasight Clip-On Day/Night Rifle Scope Mounting System is an essential accessory for combining your daytime rifle scope with a night vision device. These handy Armasight night vision accessories are the contact point between your Clip-On Day/Night System and the rifle scope it will be attached to. The Arma Sight Scope Mount System for Clip-On Night Vision Optics is easy to install and will result in no loss of zero between your scope and the night vision sight you choose to install. Armasight has designed the mounting system to clip easily to the front bell of your daytime rifle scope of choice. Use your professional-grade rifle scope any time of day or night with the Arma-Sight Front Bell Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System.

90 /100
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  • Performance


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Features of ArmaSight Scope Mount for Day/Night Vision Device:

  • Mounting system for scope-mounted night vision devices
  • Point of contact between rifle scope and Clip-On Day/Night System
  • No loss of zero
  • Fast and secure installation

1-Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System
2-Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System
3-Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System
4-Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System
5-Armasight Scope Mounting System for Clip-On Day/Night System

  • PROS
  • simple use
  • fits perfectly
  • Fast mounting
  • perfect accessory for clip-ons
  • CONS

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Lourdes - Add Reply

If you lean toward clip-on system (not dedicated night vision scope) or already got one, Armasight Scope Mounting System is a must-have accessory for you. You definitely can use your rail if its length allows seating both day scope and clip-on. But if not, as in my case, scope mounting system comes to your aid. A special advice from me – take scrupulously the size choice. As the wrong diameter’s gonna make you unsatisfied with the whole sight. System needs to fit the day scope objective precisely! Ask a sales manager for advice.

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Alexandre - Add Reply

Great product to quickly swap between a regular scope and the Armasight night vision scope. I own 3 sizes to cover all my scopes Only complaint. Is the thread protector ring, the allen screws are so small you have trouble finding a allen wrench to remove.

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Cleveland - Add Reply

I purchased the clip on adapter system to be used with various scopes I have, from 40 mm to 50 mm it was the system #3 which works great using the inserts that are provided. Some of the inserts were not thick enough so thank god for ice cream pails, cut a few strips out and mold with a little heat and it works on different rifle scopes and you can mark the strips with a silver marker for each scope. MB

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Dave - Add Reply

I bought this product 7 months ago (despite the bad reviews), together with the Armasight CO-X HDI, and I couldn´t be happier. I go out hunting almost every week, and I haven´t had any problems so far. I use it to join the CO-X with my Swarovski 56mm scope, and it adjust perfectly. Using a rubber ring first (which comes with it), in order not to scratch the scope, I can mount it in 30 seconds in no light conditions. The only thing I didn´t understand at the begining was that you have to remove the little metal ring from it, otherwise it won´t fit in the clip-on (you can see the little ring in the picture. It has a little screw on one side. First, I tried to unscrew it, but then I realised I had to rotate it out. My fault).

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Jett - Add Reply

After discussing my Leopold VXII 2-7x33 scope with Flir/Armasight, I was told to buy this mounting system (#2) because the OD of my scope's objective piece was 39mm. Unfortunately, the two sleeve inserts that came with it would NOT fit correctly! One was too thin and left the scope too loose in the mount; the other was too thick and the scope couldn't be inserted into the mount. Fortunately, I had a bag full of inserts from my original purchase of the Armasight CO-MR device years ago. With a little sizing and trimming, I actually found a sleeve insert that was in the middle, thickness wise, and it fit the scope perfectly. The sleeve inserts are hit or miss with Armasight, as another reviewer mentioned, and you sometimes need to be creative. I wish they would ship out more inserts with each purchase in case someone runs into this problem with his/her particular scope

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