Meyerco Stove Top Barbecue Grill

Prepare your favorite foods on almost any stove when you cook on the Meyerco Stove Top Barbecue Grill. Incredibly easy to clean and easy to use, these Outdoor Grills manufactured by Meyerco provide a high-quality non-stick surface with a water-filled outer ring which both catches fat and juices and eliminates smoke and splattering while cooking. Working on standard electric, gas, or propane stoves, the Meyerco Stove Top BBQ Grill contains the grill and iron plate that effectively cook your food on any type of heat. For a flawlessly grilled dinner on any stove, you'll be impressed by the highly effective Meyerco Stove Top Iron Barbecue Grill.

97 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for Meyerco Stove Top Grill:

Circumference: 12-3/8"

Features of Meyerco Stove Top Barbecue Non-Stick Grill:

  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • Iron plate
  • Works on standard electric, gas, or propane stoves
  • Water-filled outer ring catches fat and juices while cooking
  • Eliminates smoke and splattering
  • High-quality non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean

1-Meyerco Stove Top Barbecue Grill

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Easter - Add Reply

you get 2 metal slotted plates that fit together on your propane stove. you supply the propane tank and the stove burner. bottom plate holds water. grilled fish one night. cooked pork chops and hamburgers great!

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