Anderson Manufacturing 24in Stainless Steel Barreled Complete Upper

Anderson 24 Stainless Complete Upper.

24 416 Stainless Steel Fluted Barrel

Forged A3 Upper Receiver

Anderson AM-66-FF-VARMIT Free Float

Low Profile Gas Block

Rifle Gas Tube

Tactical Charging Handle


11 degree Target Crown

Chambered in 5.56

93.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Anderson Manufacturing 24in Stainless Steel Barreled Complete Upper

  • PROS
  • Super value from a proven manufacturer
  • CONS
  • Could use a mounting point or two.
#Anderson Manufacturing

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Jaime - Add Reply

Well, I live in mass, and if you do to I'm sorry, we have very strict laws and I only have one ar15 carbine mil, spec, and wanted to move up to the and beyond 400 yards so the only thing I can do is change the complete upper to a 20 or a 24 that. I have been looking for this upper for a long time and the pricing of different uppers can be out of control and not have everything you want. I had one picked out from another retailer when I happened onto this one, it had everything I was looking for, NATO chambered was the biggest concern, it is made by Anderson a well known company and it just happens that my lower is an Anderson as well,( push the button before it's gone) I said to myself and Glad I did, delivery was fast and boxed good (in a Anderson box not reboxed) finish is great and fit like a glove on my lower. Haven't had a chance to get to the range as yet but plan to soon. One thing I have found is if you're going to put this on your carbine lower you need to order an H2 buffer and swap it out with the upper, don't forget your now putting a rifle gas system on a carbine and you'll need the extra heavy buffer.

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Clark - Add Reply

Well put together and a great value. Waiting on my lower to get here. Had been wanting a longer barreled AR in 223 for a bit of coyote action. Put a nice scope on this and it will reach out there. I couldn't buy the parts and assemble it for the great Optics Planet price. If it had an option to mount some rail sections on the handguard to mount accessories.

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