Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard

• Extended alignment flanges ensure a repeatable fit eliminating torque or rotational force movement • Innovative turnbuckle mounting design allows users to quickly and easily install and remove rail system • The unique SquareDrop attachment technology allows mounting of both Keymod and future SquareDrop accessories • Full length internal ribs for superior strength and durability • Smooth snag free design - no more "cheese grater" effect! • Infinitely adjustable mounting positions for any accessory - create your own mission specific configuration • 100% free-float system for optimal accuracy

88.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard:

Product Color: Black

1-Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard
2-Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard
3-Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard
4-Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard
5-Advanced Armament Corporation Squaredrop Handguard

  • PROS
  • Easy install, solid engagement and alignment, easy on the hands to hold.
  • Nicely built
  • CONS
  • Barrel nut tool and design.
#Advanced Armament Corporation

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Oswaldo - Add Reply

I bought this handguard for my 8” .458Socom pistol build last year. I love the profile, and install was a breeze. Just torque the barrel nut to spec, install gas system, slide on the handguard and tighten the turn-buckle assembly. And man, it’s there, solid. My Socom hasn’t loosened this thing up one bit. It won’t tuck in a suppressor, but I love that it’s a bit narrow and easy to hold onto. Only complaint is even using a torque wrench to spec, the little knob on the barrel nut tool sheared off on my first one finishing the install. But since I have no plans on replacing it, I am not bothered right now. I do wish the barrel nut and tool were a bit more thought out than a single tab, castle nut style engagement. Just bought another one for my .300blk pistol.

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Albin - Add Reply

Just what I was looking for at a great price. It yook some time to find a handguard to fit my build. Just my luck that I came across this one from a a blog. Really happy with the purchase. I would recommend this handguard to anyone looking to upgrade their sbr. This would be a great addition.

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