B5 Systems Carbine Length Handguard

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92.25 /100
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Specifications for B5 Systems Carbine Length Handguard:

Color: Black

1-B5 Systems Carbine Length Handguard
2-B5 Systems Carbine Length Handguard

  • PROS
  • Lightweight & thin
  • CONS
  • A little unrefined
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Eino - Add Reply

If your primary concern is weight savings then it’s a go, Also like how thin it is. I’m not a fan of key mod but have no plans to attach anything to my lightweight rifle. The heat shield will scratch against your barrel when you put on the bottom half, Cut a thin strip of material and wrap it around your barrel in a U-shaped after you get on the bottom hand guard slide the material out. Would of liked to use the Magpul slimline hand guard but they require cutting off sling loop and are almost double the weight.

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Justus - Add Reply

I really like this handguard. It makes for an extremely lightweight package on a keep it simple stupid rifle. The slim design allows for easy manipulation of the rifle. I have read that it runs hot since it is so slim and close to the barrel but I did not find this to be an issue. I ran 70 rounds through my AR with this handguard within 30 minutes and did not feel any discomfort. If you plan on just pumping 30 rounds mags as fast as you can then I could see this being an issue but a shooter could just use gloves in that scenario. One minor complaint I have is that it doesn't allow for any attachments directly under the handguard (like a bipod for example) so that is something I would have liked to have seen B5 incorporate into the design. I think if you have a lightweight handguard then it makes more sense to allow for more attachments since you have saved weight in the beginning. Just my 2 cents.

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