Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard

price $17.99

Billet Trigger Guard 2 grooves

91.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard:

Gun Make: AR Platform
Gun Model: AR-15

1-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
2-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
3-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
4-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
5-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
6-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard
7-Armaspec S1 Enhanced Trigger Guard

  • PROS
  • Looks good
  • priced well
  • CONS

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Gaston - Add Reply

Part install easily and fit perfect. Final product looked great and was a good replacement for the OEM part for my AR platform. Would recommend anyone that wants to boost the look of their AR look at getting this part.

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Lucious - Add Reply

Looks good but like most colored item does not exactly match the other FDE items. Priced below most other aluminum trigger guards. Do not try to reuse existing roll pin or this will mount loose and rattle die to width clearance. Using new roll pin which was included tightened it up with no more rattle.

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