Troy Folding Front Battle Sight

Price Save Up to 26% from $109.99 to $84.79

Troy Folding Front BattleSights make a great upgrade for your AR rifle. These AR 15 Iron Sights from Troy Industries work alone or co-witness with other optics. Troy Flip-Up Front BattleSights are durable because they are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and then hard coat anodized. Tactical and special operations users choose Troy Folding Machined Battle Sights for their reliable accuracy.

92 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Troy Folding Front Battle Sight:

Condition: New
Gun Model: AR-15
Gun Type: Rifle

Features of Troy Front Folding Aircraft Aluminum Battle Sights:

  • Machined from hardened Aircraft Aluminum with stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing.
  • Sight can be moved or taken off without permanent modification to the firearm.
  • A stainless-steel cross-locking system ensures sights remain upright and zeroed under extreme combat conditions.
  • A push of a button folds the sights securely out of the way until you need them again.
  • Zero-canting attachment system.
  • Each click adjusts .50 MOA.
  • Co-witness with red dot sights.
  • Easy to install with no levers or springs to fumble with.

1-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
2-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
3-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
4-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
5-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
6-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
7-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
8-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
9-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
10-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
11-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
12-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
13-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
14-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
15-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
16-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
17-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
18-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight
19-Troy Folding Front Battle Sight

  • PROS
  • Quality construction
  • small size
  • Quality, lightweight
  • Heavy Duty
  • Quality & Functionality
  • All good !!!!
  • made in America
  • easy mount and dismount.
  • Nice finish
  • High Quality. Very Sturdy.
  • Light weight.
  • Locking button
  • Easy to zero
  • great BUS
  • Well made parts
  • Locking action, finish and Accuracy
  • CONS
  • expenisive but worth it
  • Lack of color choice
  • expensive - but worth it
  • A tad pricey, but you get what you pay for
  • Price $$$

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Felipe - Add Reply

Love my Troy BUIS. A little expensive but you get what you pay for. Quality stuff. Pros: High Quality, Easy Target Aquistion Cons: A little expensive

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Abdul - Add Reply

You can get battle sights for a lot cheaper right here on Optics Planet, but the Troy Battle sights are by far the best out there in my opinion. Especially for an 308 AR. And again dealing with Optics Planet is the only way to purchase. Pros: Best sight on the market Cons: expensive but worth it

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Erin - Add Reply

This is a great sight if you can get over the price. Really, it's not that bad when you compare it to lesser sights that still cost $50ish. Great quality, highly recommend. Pros: Robust, High Quality Cons: None

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Lawrence - Add Reply

These are wonderful sights that fold down for a slim profile. They are made of steel and are quite durable. I have run over a 1000 rounds through my rifle and the front sight stays zeroed. Troy makes great products!

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Gunner - Add Reply

This BUIS is sturdy. I love that they’re metal versus some of the other options out there. They were very easy to install and easy to zero. I also really like the solid click you get when you flip them up. The m4 style suited my eye better than the HK. But both are great options. Worth the money.

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Rocky - Add Reply

There's not much to say. It's stout, and it does what it's supposed to do. Pros: It's tough, simple, and it works. Cons: None

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Oren - Add Reply

I love Troy sights, but wish that the bar that goes into the rails was square instead of round--if it fit my rails as tight as ARMS I'd be happier. Also, it screws in with a fairly shallow but wide flathead...a regular sized flathead makes it hard to get much torque into without it slipping out. The recess could be deeper (for a quarter/nickel with pliers, like an Aimpoint Micro) or a different type. Mine was installed super tight, but vibrated loose after a few hundred rounds...mine fell off the gun. Now I use locktite and wide but thin flathead screwdriver. Can be had for cheaper ($79), but OP has discount coupons and great customer service, so I went with OP. Pros: tough, proven, low folded height, pricey some places online Cons: needs to be locktited on or can loosen

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Manley - Add Reply

This sight is pretty much the standard on AR's these days. Many companies are using Troy sights on their rifles. These sights are solid and are great for shooters that also use an Eotech or Aimpoint style scopes. The can quickly be folded down out of the way so optics only can be used. Pros: Quality

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Emil - Add Reply

Like always Troy sights fit my application perfectly and as always Opticsplanet delivered. I have tried many different sights over the years and Troy sights have been the best so for. Pros: Small, light and tough. Cons: none

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Kurt - Add Reply

This sight is worth every cent I paid. Quality materials and workmanship put Troy sights a step above the competition. Pros: Quality workmanship, easy to install and zero, solid product. Cons: None

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Darryl - Add Reply

As these are just my backups, wasn't too worried about em but to my surprise, I enjoy shooting with these as much as with my Eotech! I might be lucky but these came zeroed for me right out of the box! Awesome! I really like the feel of these sights, very solid. Pros: Quality, Sturdy

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Theo - Add Reply

From the mounting hardware, sight adjustment and finish to locking mechanisms for this sight - it is a quality piece of equipment I would recommend to all. I've had zero issues with this sight. It is of relative low profile and looks good on both the DD RIS II in FDE or a straight black rail. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a straight forward front post for a BUIS.

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Hardy - Add Reply

The Troy Folding Battle sights are the industry standard when it comes to Back Up Iron Sights BUIS. I have several sets of these sights on my carbines and have yet to find a reason to buy anything else.

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Michale - Add Reply

Troy Industries Battle sight..need I say more ? Easy,simple install..folds out of the way for use with scope or red dot, or it se as co-witness..sight was right on out of the box @ 50 yards.. Troy Industries, simply the best

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Casimer - Add Reply

Really good quality. Impressed with how it's held up so far. I like that it's not spring loaded which makes it more reliable. Always happy with Troy products. And this one has not disappointed. Would recommend.

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Granville - Add Reply

These sights are my favorite by far. They are basically bomb proof and if I can find them on sale I pick up as many as I can. The lock up is tight and the diopter is easy to see through. Easy to switch between close up and far off shots. The m4 version looks great

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Orion - Add Reply

If you're looking for back up iron flip sights that aren't flimsy like everything else out there, try these out. You will not be disappointed. These are the most rugged heavy duty folding sights I've ever used. I personally prefer the "HK style" front sight in black.

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Sim - Add Reply

But there are none that are as proven as Troy sights period. I've tried numerous brands to compare with the Troy brand to try and save some dollars and have replaced all (5+ and counting) with the HK style front folding sight. I find the HK style easier to shoot open sights with my aged eyes. Open sight shooting long guns is my prefered method and for me, the most enjoyment.

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Presley - Add Reply

I installed the sight on my M&P 15 Optics Ready AR. The sight positively locks into place and stays put until you depress the lock detent to fold it. I do a lot of tactical shooting and the Troy Battlesight takes a beating like no other! Anyone with any experience with M16/M4/AR15 type rifles will have no problem sighting it in. The low profile when it is folded is another plus! I have received many compliments on how the Troy sight looks. Don't waste your time with other folding sights. Go with Troy and you will not be disappointed! Pros: Quality, durability, sturdiness and looks Cons: None

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Dillon - Add Reply

great sights great looking easy to install

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Geovany - Add Reply

It's a tough and simple little device that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Pros: It's simple and tough

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Joaquin - Add Reply

Troy makes quality product , I've used their stuff in the past. Both optics planet and Troy I'd highly recommend..price was good at time of order for this product and shipping was extremely prompt. Won't be disappointed with either.

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Gino - Add Reply

Troy makes the best flip up sights, hands down! Great quality! Outstanding craftsmanship. When you move the sight up and down you can feel the quality compared to other brands. Easy to use and sight in. The finish is tough and won't come off.

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Nico - Add Reply

I have them on all my rifles. They are easy to put on and take off. The are low profile, I have not had one snag yet when down. Have not had one just pop up. They are built well. If I was going to build any rifle that would have open sights I would use Troy Battel Sights.

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Jarvis - Add Reply

I purchased both the front and rear Troy Battle Sights for my CMMG Banshee and are excellent for either primary or back-up sights. Easy to flip up and lock in place tightly. Fit and finish are perfect. Highly recommend!

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Willy - Add Reply

Troy folding battle sights are amazing. Granted they are basically $100 a pop but optic planet had a deal that included free shipping so overall great deal on a great sight. Pros: Sturdy & Easy to use Cons: Price

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Rodolfo - Add Reply

Really solid iron sight. Easy to install and even easier to operate. These were recommended to me by a friend and I’m glad I pulled the trigger on this and the rear site. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to add iron sights to their AR.

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Bertram - Add Reply

After much researching I decided to go with these specific hk style folding iron sites and im glad i did. Theyre extremely sturdy, well made, very easy and fast installation, i spent very little time zeroing them in on my Cmmg resolute 300 chambered in 7.62x39mm. Very happy.

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Lavon - Add Reply

Troy has a great name and I wanted the front sight to match the rear that came on my gun, after I installed a piston system on my AR15. Kinda expensive and a little hard to operate, but hay, you get what you pay for and it won't flop around.Had it been cheaper it would have gotten a five rating. Pros: matches my rear sight, built to last Cons: expensive, little stiff operating up/dn

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Gus - Add Reply

you get what you pay for. Troy is not cheap, but they are well-made, work well, and will last forever if cared for. Easy to install on standard rails, too. Pros: Well-made, quality, works great Cons: cost

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Dax - Add Reply

The troy sights are built very solid and go on with very little work. Little loctite on the screw and it should never move! Simply pull up on the sights for use, press in the detent and fold to put away. They lock open and should never be knocked closed. The troy sights also have a nice low profile to them. Expensive, but I wouldn't put anything else on my guns. Pros: SOLID, METAL Cons: Adds weight.

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Jerod - Add Reply

Sight worth the extra money. It is solid and will perform well.

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Lindsey - Add Reply

I bought it for my ar15 setup and I love it. high quality/reasonable weight/very sturdy/nice finish/easy installation I have no doubt that Troy Industry makes the best folding sight in the market. Just get it and you won't look back!

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Ron - Add Reply

Well crafted. The only drawback is that these sights do NOT lock in place when in the down position. they look great on a Daniel Defense MK18 Upper. The quality is there. I like that they're aluminum. They're a little pricey, but who cares ?!?

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Dino - Add Reply

Love the locking button. Quality construction. Only gripe is lack of loctite on attaching screw. Being a front sight there is not much more to comment on. If your looking for a front sight only this is a great sight. If your looking at a matching rear sight I would look elsewhere.

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Felton - Add Reply

Yes these sights are expensive. However they are worth it if you want to hit what your aiming at time after time. It took me about ten minutes with very little adjustment's . I started at 25 yards 1" low, then quickly moved to fifty and was hitting very tight groups. Later that afternoon I moved to 75 yards. When I moved to 75 there was a six inch round steel target. First shot DING. I thought it was an accident so I tried it again..ding.. Trust me when I tell you Iam no marksman..and pretty new to the ar experience. You will not be disappointed with these sights

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Sheridan - Add Reply

Solid great product. Haven’t had any problems with the flip ups and they co-sight well with my optic. I would recommend this to anyone looking for good quality flip up sights. Great company and great people.

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Dameon - Add Reply

Great product. a little pricy but machinig is American quality Pros: Quality Cons: a little pricy

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Simeon - Add Reply

Superior Quality For Your Money!

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Roger - Add Reply

Very well built, zero'd quickly. Cowitness thru Aimpoint Pro Scout for my application. Will use another set for stand alone iron sights. Arrived safe, sound, and quickly. Your 200 character demand is starting to annoy me

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Lewis - Add Reply

If you want a extremely well built , iron sights....Then this is IT! Sure , I could have gotten something cheaper,etc,etc....But the last thing I want to worry about , are my sights "Still On Target"...I waited a couple of months to write this review on purpose , so I could give a "I've used them" Ahem , review!!!...Everything and More that I wanted....ALSO....Made In USA!!!! BTW....Same as above goes for the rear sight...And they co-witness perfectly with my Aimpoint Patrol

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Chris - Add Reply

I like the Troy Fixed Sights and use them where I can, mainly with Red Dots as they co-witness well with Aimpoint and Trijicon and the Vortex Strikefire 2. These Troy Folding I use where a larger optic is mounted and secured with QD mounts, but covers the area where a fixed sight would normally occupy. The work great and hold zero. After many rds down range they still are tight and are robust enough to take a beating and still function. I have approximately 12 M4s with these sights on them and no complaints thus far. Will be purchasing more in the future as Needed. Bravo61

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Leo - Add Reply

Super happy with the quality! I was a little apprehensive due to the price but I’m glad I pulled the trigger. I’m sure I will have these for the rest of my life. Im not an expert but In my opinion if you are looking for the best set of iron sights you found them.

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Dylan - Add Reply

I was super excited to get these sights, them being what a lot of people recommend for BUIS. However, they just did not fit my needs. I planned to use these kind of like a fixed sight with them up at all times while using a red dot. I have no doubt that these will stay in place given the mechanism you have to depress to fold them, but they are too tall and for me, distracting behind my holosight. I got the HK style ones, which were not my preference, and i did not like them for that main reason. Also, for as tall as they are, the sight post is kind of recessed into the frame, which makes it sit lower than the M4 version, at least based on the picture. I bring this up because i was going to add a laser to the combo, but the laser kind of sat higher than the beginning of the post, so it was very partially obstructed by the housing of the laser. Something that was not present with the MBUS pro for, some reason, even though they are shorter. I personally prefer a lower 1/3 co-witness. It also seems as though the M4 style sight design lends itself better to that philosophy in general. They did fold up pretty good though. Nice and flat for how big they are. I did not have any light reflecting off of the sight when the laser is activated and the sights are folded.

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