Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly

Price Save Up to 38% from $58.46 to $44.99

Streamlight AR-15 Battery Door/Switch Assembly is a member of our huge selection of Streamlight Flashlights Accessories. Streamlight AR-15 Remote Door Switch Assembly 69130 is designed to work with Streamlight TLR-1 Rail-Mounted Tactical Flashlight and Streamlight TLR-2 Rail Mounted Tactical Light w/ Laser Sight.Streamlight TLR Battery Door/ Switch Assembly has an integrated remote switch connector making this perfect for you.

92.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly:

Gun Model: AR-15
Color: Black

Features of Streamlight Door/Switch Assembly:

  • Easily replaces the standard battery door/switch on existing TLR-1 and TLR-2 lights
  • Retains momentary/lock on function of original paddle switch
  • Tethered rubber weather cap keeps connector dry when remote is not in use

1-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
2-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
3-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
4-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
5-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
6-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
7-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
8-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly
9-Streamlight TLR Battery Door / Switch Assembly

  • PROS
  • works great, made solid
  • works well
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to install and use
  • high quailty
  • easy attachment
  • functions perfectly
  • seals awesome
  • CONS
  • waaaay too much money
  • tough to close

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Jerry - Add Reply

This battery door is too wide and will not fit properly. The door is held in place by a spring and due to the poor fit the spring can't hold the door closed. I have heard complaints of poor fit so I spent a considerable amount of time trying to "make it fit". Spoke to Streamlight directly and they advised it "should" fit but did admit the "new door" is made of different materials than the original door. Considering the cost of this door and pressure switch was nealry half of what I paid for the entire light I am very dissapointed. Pros: N/A Cons: Battery door is too big, will not fit

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Norberto - Add Reply

The HL version is different from the plain TLR-1. This door fits right into the STreamlight just like the original door without the remote adapter. None remote door take some monir effort to get off and get the remote door on. Optics Planet sent me the remote correct streamlight TLR-1 HL but sent the wrong remote and remote door (TLR-1). The TLR-1 is a single battery and the TLR-1 HL is a dual battery thus the doors and remotes do not interchange.

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Chase - Add Reply

The new battery door is made of a light plastic, I was expecting it to be made of metal like the the flashlight it's being installed on. Additionally, it was difficult to install the door. I had to put a small amount of oil around the opening of the door and put all my weight down on the flashlight while the new door was pressed on a counter top to get it to install. It does function properly, but I expected a better product from Streamlight. Pros: Functions Properly Cons: Difficult to install

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Ray - Add Reply

I recently purchased am AR-15 for patrol duties and decided to get this kit for my TLR-1s because I would be mounting it to my new carbine. Right out of the box I noticed the remote battery door was made well but the plug cap was not "captive" and I nearly lot it right away. The switch keeps the original rocker function which I liked should I put it on a pistol again. When instaling the battery door I noticed the retaining pin was sloppy compared to the fit in the regular battery door. Now don't get me wrong the pin isn't going to fall out it just moves a bit from side to side and is not nearly as tight fitting as compared to the standard door. The remote switch for long gun was nice and came with everything to mount it to a standard 1913 rail as well as other mounting options...wish I had know that in the original product description otherwise I would not have purchased a separate rail cover w/pocket. All in all I am very happy with the product but feel it was a tad over priced since between the switch and door are about 1/2 the cost of the light it's self. Pros: tight seal against light, retains rocker switch Cons: door retaining pin is sloppy fit, remote plug not captive

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Trystan - Add Reply

Although the battery door allows the use of the pressure switch, it should come 'standard' with the weapon light. Those who purchase a weapon light at significant cost, EXPECT the light to come configured with a pressure switch. Offering the modified battery door, as a 'seperate option', is much like offering ZR Rated Hi-Speed tires, as a seperate option, with the purchase of a Dodge Viper! Pros: Allows use of pressure switch Cons: Should come 'standard' with weapon light

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Zachary - Add Reply

You'll need the remote switch battery door if you want to mount a remote pressure switch on your gun. The remote option gives you flexibility in mounting the light. The door switch simply replaces the stock unit and the pressure swicth plugs into the back. Pros: Easy to use, reliable Cons: none

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Kory - Add Reply

The remote switch allows using the TLR-1/2 on a long gun. It's great that you can switch back to the stock switch if need be which makes the system very modular. I did not particularly like the added length but the positives far outweigh this single drawback that I found. Pros: Versatility/modularity Cons: Could have added less length with better design

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Jarrell - Add Reply

The Streamlight 69130 Battery Door is a well made add-on to the Streamlight TLR-2 that allows for the usage of the remote switch through a watertight hole designed for it. both the door and remote switch are purchased as a add on kit. Both are high quality. The door is held in place by a hinge-pin that must be pulled to remove the old door and install the new one. Once installed it works very, seals good. I like it. Pros: Solid, well made Cons: not cheap

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Earl - Add Reply

I had the standard pressure switch door on my TLR1, which was mounted on my M4. But during the course of training or actual jobs the switch would accidentally get hit activating the light. When strict light discipline is called for, this is a huge liability. With this switch door you can turn off the light completely so even the pressure switch won't work. The switch itself is made so it is harder to turn and it is recessed better than the standard switch door. If you use this for work or home defense, this is the way to go. The bonus feature about being able to turn the light off is no dead batteries from the it being turned on accidentally in your rifle bag.

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Jensen - Add Reply

The product was easy to connect, and did not take away from the functionality of the light.

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Hassan - Add Reply

worked great with the new tlr-1strobe, however would not work with older tlr-1s. the design change is an improvement just doesnt help if you want to use with older models

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Nikko - Add Reply

Good product. The only issue I had was that there were no instructions for installing the remote switch and battery door. Not too difficult to figure out, but I had to do some needless trial and error. Pros: Good value Cons: Lacks adequate assembly instructions

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Brando - Add Reply

Like a dumbass I bought the TL1 HL on sale, then wished I had bought the kit which includes the light, switch and cap for substantially less. The individual parts are very well made as all Streamlight products are, they are just ridiculously overpriced for what it is. I love the light, just wish I would have done more research before so I would not have had to spend a fortune for what cost a buck fiddy to make.

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Damian - Add Reply

Using this with Streamlight TLR-2 HL G, mounted under a rifle, original switch was prone to being bumped & the light would flash almost every time I pick up the rifle, Also it was was easily turned on inside of a soft case, new switch is not, I do not use a wire & pad, I just flip switch with thumb, works great,

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Nat - Add Reply

Adding this battery door made the light too long to attach to the rails of a Sig Sauer P220, .45 Cal, pistol. Had to "jurry rig" the keys to attach light. NOT good for "On Duty" use as the key will fall out unless you glue it in. Pros: Works great for long gun Cons: Makes light too long for use on pistol

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Sidney - Add Reply

Easy to install, just have to remove one pin on the metal lever on the pistol back. You can then mount it on any long gun, depending on the switch you buy. Works great, would highly recommend. Very happy with streamlight quality.

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Jordi - Add Reply

Its a little expensive for what it is and hard to put on due to the spring tension. It works if you want to use it on a long gun. Pros: Necessary for long guns. Cons: It hard to put on with the spring tension.

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Shawn - Add Reply

The unit was shipped missing one of the spring battery tensioners. I had to remove the spring from the battery door that this new one was intended to replace and solder it in place on the new door. I think that it came that way from the manufacturer becuase the package was sealed and no loose spring was inside so I don't fault Optics Planet for this. It took me longer to find my solder than it did to make the repair.

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Coleman - Add Reply

I bought the Streamlight 69130 AR-15 Battery Door/Switch Assembly approximately 4 months ago and have been using it regularly. Overall, I am satisfied with it. I am an avid shooter and I enjoy researching and field-testing different products. I like the fact that this product is lightweight and doesn't add any noticeable weight to my rifle. It is also simple to use and does what it is supposed to do. However, I question its durability because the plastic seems so lightweight. In this case, I don't think I can get the best of both worlds: it is thankfully lightweight and hopefully it will last longer than I expect it to. Considering how little I paid for it, I can live with its shortcomings and I am satisfied with it. Pros: Lightweight; simple and precise operation Cons: Questionable durability (lightweight plastic)

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Aron - Add Reply

Product seems a bit pricey for what it is, but if you want a tape switch for your light, that is what you have to get. It works well and I have had no problems with it's function. Pros: Works, seems sturdy. Cons: Pin used to hold the original door seems to slide with new door

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Kieran - Add Reply

This installed in 1 minute with a paperclip and a pair of needle-nose pliers. No special mods required. Pros: Easy to mount Cons: expensive

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Wilbert - Add Reply

Purchased as a package with the straight wire remote switch. Comes with lots of mounting options. Sets up and clean and has held up to use on my Mossberg 930.

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Darian - Add Reply

overall a good product, just had to tweek the light clip to mount this door. took a little time. i felt it should be a little cheaper cuz it cost almost half as much as the light itself. i wish they make a thinner door for handguns. overall im happy with it Pros: easy to use Cons: a little hard to set up

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Cruz - Add Reply

Streamlight 69130 Battery Door - A+++

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Chadrick - Add Reply

It's a bit large, seems that this isn't necessary. I'm no engineer though so I'm sure they have their reasons for the bulk. Other than that, it does what I wanted without any hiccups. It haven't been through any grueling testing yet. A bit pricey but I guess it does fit in niche market.

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Wilber - Add Reply

I needed a replacement after I broke mine my battery door whole training. It went on easy and seems good so far. The only real difference I can see from the original tail switch I got when I bought the streamlight tlr hl gun light kit, are the letters are darker and the clicks aren’t as positive. But all in all it’s a good replacement.

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Mario - Add Reply

I used this set-up on my tactical shotgun with the Streamlight TRL-1 light. It's a great combo and works perfectly. I'm very pleased. Pros: Easy to set up, well made

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Mekhi - Add Reply

Optic Planet is great I got it faster than I thought I would . And it is OEM equipment not after market. Pros: Works Very well . more than worth it . Cons: The problem I ran into was getting it on . It was very tight fight which is good after all for weather conditions.

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Theodore - Add Reply

Must have to use external MAV switch. Works great. Just be a little careful installing this. Just a little tricky certainly not a deal killer. Pros: Sturdy, a must to use MAS

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Sylvan - Add Reply

I have now installed two of these on the TLR2s, one on my 20 ga. Rem.870 & the other on my son's Mossberg 930SPX and no problems either time. I'll do this review simply by saying that when my son seen my 870 with the tape switch installed, which you need this door for, and how the system worked he had to have one for the TLR2s on his Mossberg. Pros: Easy installation Cons: None

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Dax - Add Reply

want to buy the new hp model Pros: switch makes it very easy to operate

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Sedrick - Add Reply

Had a bit of difficulty snapping the cover closed but figured out a way to apply just the right leverage to close the metal cam over the new door. The fact the waterproof plug connector is not tethered to the unit assures it will be lost. Pros: Allows use of remote switches Cons: Connector cover plug not tethered

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Nikolas - Add Reply

Very useful battery door as it has the switch assembly and toggle switch built into the door itself. Getting the door to close the first time was a bit difficult but once on it stays on. I would suggest opening/closing a few times to make it easier; don't worry it closes TIGHT and seals good each time.

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Orion - Add Reply

This is a necessary piece if you're going to put a remote control switch on your Streamlight TLR-1. The product works fine, but it doesn't come with instructions. Thankfully, Streamlight's website has instructions on how to remove the standard battery assembly door. Reverse the instructions to put this one on.

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Nels - Add Reply

I have installed this cap on 2 of my 3 lights and love it. It locks securely and allows for the use of either integrated hand switch or optional long gun remote switch (sold separately). My only suggestion would be for Streamlight to offer this cover and the remote switch in a package deal.

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Easton - Add Reply

Just replace the original cover with this one and connect the remote switch cable connector. Pros: Works exactly as advertised Cons: None

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Jeramy - Add Reply

Very simple to set up on your weapon Pros: Very Useful Assembly attaches to batter door well Cons: Needs to be a bit smaller

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Johnson - Add Reply

I like Stesmlight equipment and will continue to try some other Streamlight products. This 69130 Battery Door/Switch Assembly is well made and I'm happy with my purchase. Pros: Well made Cons: Little expensive

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Hillard - Add Reply

this battery door/remote switch was a piece of cake to install. works great. Pros: easy assembly, no problem Cons: none

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Dexter - Add Reply

Very versitile, well made in U.S.A. Allows many more mounting options. Pros: High quality, a must for the TLR-2. Cons: A bit pricey.

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Buck - Add Reply

Received in a timely manner. Was easy to install. Product is what I expected. Pros: Easy to install

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Alejandrin - Add Reply

Put this on my Tactical shotgun and really like it.Very bright! Pros: Easy to use and easy set-up Cons: Over priced

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Lorenzo - Add Reply

The battery door is well made, allowing any TLR light to be used on a long gun with a pressure switch. If they could make it shorter so it would still fit on a handgun with it attached it would be perfect. Pros: Allows the TLR lights to be activated by a pressure switch. Cons: With this battery door attached, it will no longer fit a handgun.

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Ryann - Add Reply

The 69161 batter door is easy to install and use. It has the safe-off position on the selector that I like so you don't accidentally turn it on when you don't want to while using a remote tape. It's too bad it doesn't come standard with the streamlight lights.

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Paxton - Add Reply

This produce is a requirement to run the remote switch for a Streamlight TLR-2 HL flashlight. It might be required for other models as well, I don't know. It is not easy to install, and it's downright difficult to close (the rubber gasket is too thick to fit under the flange of the locking fixture -- but thickness is a virtue, once the thing is shut and clasped). The point is that this apparatus is necessary, it's robustly constructed and, with properly diligent application, it works. So if you want a remote switch on your TLR-2, you will do well to get this, and it's worth the money.

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Martin - Add Reply

Works as described. Installed easily and love the 3 way switch- It's nice to be able to turn the unit to 'off' for travel/storage as not to inadvertently activate the unit with the pressure switch. There are others stating it was difficult to install. It is pinned in place, replacing the factory cover, but I had it swapped out in less than a minute. There are others stating the door gasket is thick and difficult to close. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. i would rather have a robust seal than a super easy to close cover. I would absolutely recommend.

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Jan - Add Reply

I was able to install this set upeasily and with minimal effort on my Mossy 930 SPX. The forend switch works well and I'm able to go back and forth between constant on mode and strobe mode without any problem. I'm extremely pleased with the practicality and low profile looks; nothing that will hang up on anything. Pros: Easy install, ergonomic and no hangup low profile switch Cons: None

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Joaquin - Add Reply

Great addition with tlr2 light or even a tlr1 weapons light. the remote switch added is all any one could ask for. Had difficulty with out install instruction for back door but was easy to figure out with some trial and error.

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Deondre - Add Reply

Streamlight is very top of the line when it comes to their products. Pros: Easy to set up Cons: none

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Raoul - Add Reply

Not much to say other than it fits exactly how it should. Its a little tough to get it to close once installed but it seals perfect. It works great on my TLR2 and TLR2 with green laser. And I had no troubles getting it to work with the streamlight remote switch as well.

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Alec - Add Reply

this is not intended for pistols so disregard what others are saying this is intendecd for use on long guns. snap old one off this one on wala! Pros: works great on long gun Cons: none

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Maxwell - Add Reply

I'm running a TLR-1 on all of my rifles, along with the new tailcap and remote switch. Super bright light, reliable, light weight, and affordable. Pros: Super addition to an already great light. Cons: None

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Theron - Add Reply

Assembly was easy to install and was of high quality just like the assembly that came with the weapon light. Liked having the cover to plug where the connector goes into attached to it. It made it easy to keep the unit in good shape. A lot better than the assembly on the Insight unit I have. I should have ordered the thinner pressure switch since it is a little wide for my foregrips. However, the one I bought functions perfectly and I can still use it just fine. Pros: Cover over switch attached to unit. Cons: I should have ordered the thinner pressure switch

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Camden - Add Reply

Cover and switch work with both TLR 1 and 2. Cover has held up to 500 rounds of 5.56 and 250 rounds of .308 and works like it was new. Only complaint is I wish the remote switch hole plug was attached to cover, easy to lose when not in use. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again!! Pros: Easy installation, easy to use Cons: easy to lose remote switch plug

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Logan - Add Reply

Excellent for an M4, well made, reliable, and tested. Pros: streamlight quality and durability Cons: none

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Rowland - Add Reply

I have a remote switch on the pistol grip hooked up to this retrofit battery door for my TLR2 weapon light and it works nicely. I have the light attached to a pictinney rail installed on a Remmington 870 tactical 12 ga shotgun. Target acquisition is very quick...I'm pleased. Pros: Retains all of the device's functions Cons: None

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Robbie - Add Reply

Nice design, but expensive for such a simple item. Pros: Toggle switch retained, cable can be easily disconnected Cons: This battery door is a little hard to put on (spring is too tight)

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Noble - Add Reply

Since I was pulling together a bunch of items at once, i did not have the luxury of adding things piece by piece to see if the optional battery door to use the pressure switch would be too long. I have a Beretta 96FS and bought a Tick rail, TRL-1 and the pressure switch accessories. Fits in two different positions on my rail with standard battery door, but is way too long and will not mount at all with the optional one. The rail goes to the end of the barrel, so it's not that I have a tiny rail or something. Anyway, seems well made if it fits your application. Pros: Integrates manual switch and remote switch Cons: Battery door is WAY too long and makes it unusable for my pistol

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Mckenna - Add Reply

The TLR Remote Switch Battery Door works well. I installed it on my TLR-1 light on my AR-15, mounted on a Picatiny M1913 rail. The door takes a little effort to close the metal clip on the latch. I used the blunt handle-end of my screwdriver to force the clip closed - it takes some effort to close the clip since the waterproof rubber gasket is new, and hasn't been compressed yet. Press it hard and it will close. Streamlight knew what they were doing by putting the retaining clip on the side that mounts to the rail because the clip cannot come open unless the light is removed from the rail. This prevents your exprensive switch door from falling off unnoticed. Plug in your remote switch and you're fully functional. I've used another TLR-1 on my handgun (a .45) for over 10 years, and it holds up to a lot of punishment because it's got a metal case, is low profile, and it doesn't hang up on on obstacles like a larger light. For the AR-15 you'll want the switch with the 8" lead (sire) NOT the coiled wire - the coiled model is for pump action shotgun mounting, and the longer coil is to give the user room to rack the pump and still be able to mount the switch on the pump fore guard.

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